Australia’s Audio Visual Industry

Audio visual companies are becoming increasingly popular these days as the need for professionally managed meetings and conferences grows. Gone are the days when a speaker would be expected to articulate his message by audio alone. Today’s AV industry is a complex world which offers an array of interesting digital options which can enhance even the most modest conference. The combination of video, audio, lighting, and digital streaming can have a dramatic effect on the impact of a speaker, and businesses around the word rely on AV technicians and professionals to work their magic in countering up a suitable working environment for their clients.

Audio VisualThis is no easy feat. AW companies have a certain degree of autonomy in design and implementation, but on most occasions the client will have a plan already in mind. Sometimes this is a well thought out, easy to implement goal. Other times it’s a vague, sketchy concept which needs to be fleshed out before work can begin. This is one of the main problems faced by AV companies: determining the feel and scope of the project, and ensuring that both client and technician are striving for the same outcome. Most criticism levelled at AV businesses focuses on a lack of communication on this issue. Most professional companies are more than capable of providing all the necessary technical ability, however, they fall down on the aesthetic, creative side due to not understanding the client’s brief.  It is often argued that if the customer is too ambiguous it is virtually impossible to deliver the required service, but some companies who try to establish a clear and focused outcome have become the leaders in the industry.

Audio Visual IndustryToday, Australia’s vibrant AV industry boasts some of the most creative and technologically advanced companies in the world. Businesses like Melbourne based MAV have been helping small to medium sized companies with their conference needs for the past two years, and it seems the appetite for their services are ever increasing.

What to look for in an AV company

  • Like any company, does it have a solid working history? Many an AV enthusiasts has created a backstreet businesses and made grandiose claims regarding their expertise. Don’t become an experiment for green technicians to learn their trade.
  • Can the business prove it has technical and creative abilities? Any professional company should have a portfolio it can show off to potential customers. This gives you the chance to see the creative side of the firm. Technical ability is obviously very important, but a flair for lighting, colour, design, music, can separate the mediocre companies from the truly good ones.
  • Does the company communicate well? Chances are, if you find the company’s representative difficult to understand, or if you feel he is being ambiguous, this could easily spill over into their work too. Professional audio visual companies sell themselves on their ability to deliver exactly what a client requires.  If there are initial misunderstanding it could be a bad omen of thing to come.