Basic ways to Improve Home Security

If you are considering upgrading the security at your property but you don’t want to completely change the overall atmosphere of your home we have a few clever ideas which you might want to look at. Maybe there is an increase in crime in your area, or possibly you have personal problems at home which require a closer eye. Whatever it may be you’ll probably find there are solutions which suit your needs.

Here are a few interesting additions to your home which might be of use:


nest cameraNest Camera – Modern security technology is now well and truly in the hands of the private home owner. The availability of WiFi compliant cameras and video recorders means that a homeowners can keep an eye on their property from anywhere on the planet with a WiFi connection. Discreet cameras can be located anywhere inside or house a home. Many of them are motion activated, so they will only record when something comes into view. These devices can be set up to contact a homeowner’s phone or email account to report suspicious activity. The owner can then view the images and if there is a security risk the local police, or a neighbour, or a family member can be informed. The great thing about nest cameras is the speed at which all this can happen. It is real time. Within a few minutes of an incident a homeowner can have the information necessary to make a judgement on the situation. Also, if there has been a breach of security there will be video evidence to support a prosecution.


Sensor LightingSensor Lighting – Many properties have blind spots which any determined criminal would certainly use to enter a home. Maybe there is an approach from a public walkway which allows for easy access to a back garden, or possibly a porch or garage window is hidden from view, making it an ideal spot to force entry without being seen.

One way to deter criminals from attempting a break-in is by using sensor lights at these vulnerable area. Throughout the night is time when many burglaries are carried out. A sudden illumination of an area is a fantastic way to keep unwanted visitor from entering a property.


door screenDoor Screens – A great deterrent which increases the overall security of a building. Not only that, screens keep out every kind of unwelcome visitor including most insects. Also, during those long , hot summers it can be nice to open a home’s windows and doors to allow fresh air to circulate without leaving an open invitation to those who might have less honourable intentions.

There are several companies in Australia who specialise in secure doors screen. One in particular is Brisbane based Down Under Screens who can deliver and install a range of high grade aluminium door and window covers to suit many differents styles of home.