Avoid Expensive Home Repairs by Preventing Rainwater Damage 

Rainwater damage can spoil the beauty of a home, diminish its property value, drain finances for big, expensive repairs and, eventually, render it unlivable. Rainwater seeping into the house leaves ugly watermarks on the ceiling and walls. It causes paint to bubble, crack, peel off or discolor. It causes wallpaper to peel off and wooden boards to rot. Non-rain proof doors and windows swell when they absorb water and make them hard to close. Moisture makes the house conducive to the growth of molds, some of which could trigger allergic reactions and asthma. The moisture also is inviting to insects and other pests, some of which cause diseases. Most devastating would be damage to the house’s foundation, making the house unstable.  Continue reading “Avoid Expensive Home Repairs by Preventing Rainwater Damage “

DIY Home Styling vs Hiring the Pros 

You’re thinking of styling your new home or simply wanting to make certain changes that would better reflect the vision of your home. You have gone through hundreds of home magazines and websites to find beautiful interiors, decorations and furnishings. Should you do it yourself or should you hire a professional, an interior designer to do it? What should you take into consideration to help you decide between the two options?

Continue reading “DIY Home Styling vs Hiring the Pros “