The Best Solution for Chips and Cracks in Stone Worktops 

For many of us, the kitchen is the heart of our home and as such it received a lot of traffic and use.  The items in your kitchen will undoubtedly wear harder than many of your other possessions and furniture, and as such what we install in our kitchens need to be hardy and hard wearing.  This is why a fantastic choice for your kitchen worktops is to use stone to provide a beautiful and


robust surface for you to work on.  Stone is naturally resistant to many of the issues that laminated and wooden worktops can suffer from and the finished result once it is installed is outstanding.  But like everything, stone is not invulnerable and it can suffer chips and cracks from impacts and other stresses.  However, if your beautiful worktops have suffered damage such as this, then there are options available to you.

Don’t ignore it

First and foremost, do not ignore the damage when it has occured, especially in regards to cracks.  Chips are annoying and can prove dangerous if the edges are sharp as stone can cut like a knife if you are not careful.  The worst thing to ignore is a crack though; having a crack in your worktop means that the surface is not sealed and the worktop is vulnerable to penetration by whatever comes into contact with the top of it.  This could mean that dirty water and food matter get into the crack leading to bacteria growth and the potential for infection.  Imagine if you were preparing raw chicken over this area and some of that seeped into the crack, that instantly give the potential for salmonella to be growing in your worktop.  As well as the hygiene issues, cracks can gradually be eroded further and forced open, leading to further damage.

kitchen stoneAddressing the issue

Cracks do not just appear for no reason, often an impact or a lack of proper support is the reason and if it is the latter, this needs attending to before repair, otherwise the crack will simply reappear.  Once you have made sure there is nothing that will worsen your problem, then you essentially have two choices; you can purchase crack filler in the correct colour for your worktop and attempt the repair yourself, this can also be used for chips but you need to build it up, ideally after gluing the original pieces back in.  Alternatively you can call in the experts, such as Stone Solutions Sydney, to ensure that your worktop is restored properly.  Companies such as this employ expert stonemasons who are intimately familiar with the kind of flaws and damage you will encounter in your home.  They have the experience and the tools to ensure that the repair work is carried out effectively and are able to give you the best possible results.

As with everything, the DIY option is there, and for small issues might well be the best choice.  But for any substantial problems you develop with your stone worktops, surely having the job done right the first time is the most important issue.