The Merits of Using Concrete in Your Garden Design


Long gone are the days when people used to consider concrete drab and boring. It used to conjure up the image of dull blocks of flats or it would only be used just for single coloured uniform slabs that were plonked into gardens without much due thought. concrete wallNowadays you are just as likely to see a highly polished concrete work surface in a multi-million dollar house as you would an ornate marble one. It can be coloured into a wide range of hues and can have decorative inlays or designs incorporated into it. Overall it is one of the most versatile materials we have at our disposal for use both indoors and out. But besides this what other reasons is concrete such a good choice to go with when designing or making changes in your garden?

Cost Effective

budgetConcrete is one of the most economical materials you can use. Its relatively low cost compared to natural stone, clay or brickwork allows you to save the cash to use for other things. As well as being cheap to purchase the fact that it can be poured and moulded into almost any shape makes it more cost effective than having to cut stonework or lay bricks.

Long Lasting

calendarThe lifespan of concrete is quite remarkable. If not mistreated or conversely if it is well maintained it can remain seemingly as strong as the day it set hundreds of years later. In a garden situation where it will naturally receive lots of wear and tear this makes it ideal. You can install concrete blocks or pave and not really have to worry about replacing them in your lifetime.

Simple Maintenance

maintenanceConcrete needs very little upkeep and will stand the test of time without much undue care and attention. It is very easy to clean and won’t stain. It can be simply scrubbed and is impermeable to water as long as it doesn’t have any cracks in it. You merely need to sweep it most of the time and you shouldn’t have to worry about weeding like you would with brickwork. A stone or brick patio can look very attractive when it is first installed but you will regularly have to get down on your hands and knees and scrape the build-up of moss and weeds from between them on a regular basis. Having recently had to do this at my mother’s house on her large patio I assure you it’s a time consuming and unpleasant job.

Suitable For Heavy Traffic

footstepsIf you are looking at incorporating a path with concrete paving then this choice of material will be highly suitable for its purpose. Stones can work themselves loose and other materials such as bricks can become dislodged after having been walked on numerous times. Concrete’s ability to basically sit there and take it makes it ideal for pathways. And on the rare occasion, you do need to replace a section, suppliers can sell you individual replacements which as stated above are relatively inexpensive.