Things a Gardener might not want to Do

Chances are, if you’re a homeowner, you might have a garden. Also, chances are, if you have a garden, it might get neglected from time to time. The truth is some of us are good with nature and some of us are not. If you are, great! If not, you may end up with quite a bit of work on your hands. Trees, and grass, and bushes need to be constantly kept in check or the results can get rather messy, and once things get out of control it may become not so easy to put right. Once a garden begins to get unruly standard gardening equipment might not be enough to fix the problem.

Here are a few tasks which may be beyond the scope of the average gardener:

Deadwood Removal and Tree Pruning – When large trees get out of hand it’s best not to tackle them unless you are experienced in this type of work. Skilled arborists are highly trained professionals, and many amateur gardeners have made the mistake of believing the task is much easier than it actually is. Also, most arborists are experienced in the use of specialist cutting equipment like chainsaws. Those of us unfamiliar with this kind of machinery are not advised to  attempt complex tasks without prior training. One of the most difficult aspects of removing deadwood can be the use of a chainsaw while working at height. Arborists must undergo specialist training to carry out this task safely. It can be extremely dangerous to undertake a task like this without knowledge of the correct safety procedures.

Tree Removal – Few homeowners want a tree removed unless it has become a hazard. Sometimes there is no alternative but to remove the entire trunk. Arborists will safely, and systematically, remove a tree without disruption to a home, garden, or nearby public walkways. This requires working with specialist lifting and cutting equipment, usually at height.

Many homeowners may be tempted to fell a tree themselves. However, the number of accidents resulting from clumsy or unsafe or inappropriate methods should be a warning to any property owner that these kinds of tasks should only be carried out by professionals. Every year in Australia alone there are several wholly avoidable fatalities resulting from unsafe attempts to fell trees.

Stump Removal – Even if a tree has been removed to a very low point there will still be an obstruction at, and just below, the surface. If any future garden renovations are carried out a tree stump can cause great difficulty. Fencing, slabbing, chipping may require a levelled area, or a subplot to be dug, and a discarded tree stump will inevitably cause an obstruction to this kind of work. Professional arborists can be used to handle this task swiftly and cleanly. It can be difficult to remove a large tree stump without specialist mechanical equipment, and few property owners are prepared to invest in such equipment for a one-off use. However, there are companies like Sydney based Plateau Trees who can provide the machinery and trained staff for this kind of work.