What to do when Nature Strikes

There are several natural disasters which can occur in a home. Things that are beyond the control of most owners. Usually, such things are insured against, but that does not stop them being highly stressful. Many times an entire household will have to vacate a property and find alternative accommodation while a problem is resolved, and this can disrupt a family’s routine greatly.  

Let’s look a few of these problems, and what a homeowner should do immediately after they have been discovered:


water-damageBurst Water Pipe – For a variety of reasons an internal water pipe might burst. This can cause a lot of damage and disruption, and needs to be dealt with immediately. Having a good knowledge of a home’s plumbing system is a great advantage in a time like this. Many homeowners might have traced familiarized themselves with the system at some point but if a problem doesn’t arise it is easy to forget over time.  

If someone has no knowledge of the system the best thing to do is call an emergency plumber immediately. There is also an option to phone the local water authority who may be able to give guidance regarding closing off a home’s main water supply. Im most countries there are markings on a street indication where the water valves are located for a house or block of houses. Shutting this down in an emergency may be the only option if a leak cannot be detected in a home.


Storm Damage – The main point of concern during a storm is usually a home’s roof. If damage is caused by winds or flying debris, do not try and fix the problem until the storm has passed or abated. The prospect of climbing a ladder during high winds should not be considered as there is little in the way of repair work that can be achieved in bad weather. The only solution is to wait until there is an opportunity to either go onto a roof, or go into a loft cavity and create a makeshift waterproof covering. Inform an insurance company as soon as possible and source a reliable tradesman to make a full repair. However, in this situation most insurance companies will handle all the repair work through their own utilities companies.


Vermin InfestationVermin Infestation – Upon discovering an infestation, the householder should contact his insurance company immediately. There are insurers who can provide pest controllers, but most are likely to offer a list of known service providers whom they trust to carry out the work. However, if an insurer cannot provide any contacts it is prudent to consult with an expert pest controller in the local area.

This is a problem which, if expediently handled, may not result in a family having to vacate a property. However, many homeowners feel ill at ease in a home which has an infestation, and most insurers will grant funds for alternative accomodation while the property is being sanitised.